Moving into a new home can be overwhelming for adults, so it should be no surprise that children often experience conflicting feelings during this time of great change. From leaving behind their beloved old home, to meeting new friends and starting a new school, there are a host of challenges that moving presents to our children.

Kids sometimes need a little more time to adjust to big life changes than we do. It is important to give them special attention and security during this transition. Check out these tips for transitioning your kids into their new home, and the process can work out smoothly for the entire family.

Communication is key

Prior to moving, discuss all the impending changes with your children. Kids, by nature, thrive on a structured routine. Moving will undoubtedly send a ripple through the calm of their routine, so consider everything that will change in their lives. Discuss these things with them to prevent them from becoming anxious. Let them know they are part of the process.

Keep a sense of order

By returning to your normal routines, you give your children a sense of security in their new surroundings. Resuming your old schedule for meals and bedtime habits is another way to make them feel familiar in their new house.

Leaving behind friends

For kids, one of the hardest aspects of moving is leaving behind their old friends and neighborhood. The most important thing a parent can do in these situations is simply listen to their children’s concerns. If a child, especially a teenager, feels they aren’t being heard or that their interests aren’t being considered, they will might strike out in rebellious behavior. Also, try to plan a visit with old friends once you’ve gotten settled in at the new place if possible, or allow them to return for events such as prom or homecoming.

Making It work

Moving is a big change, no matter how much it is needed or how much time is put into planning it. It can be a scary and anxiety-ridden time for children, but with the proper consideration and attention, you can make this transition much easier for them. Just remember, they are adjusting to the newness of their surroundings just like you and they might need a little extra time warming up to the new digs.

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Tips for transitioning your children to their new home

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