Packing a house for a move can be a stressful endeavor, if not properly planned. Planning and packing essentials can make the move much more easy, and most of those essentials can be found in your bathrooms.

Toiletries and other bathroom essentials are likely to be the first items you need when you move into your new home. Make sure you are organized when you pack them so they are easier to recover.

Do not pack essentials

Items that you use every day should not be packed in advance of the move. This includes medicines, toothbrushes and even makeup in small quantities. Instead of packing these items in boxes, place them in an easily transportable container or tote.

Keep this with you as you travel from your previous home to your new one. These should be the first items unpacked once you arrive. It is a good idea to store a small first aid kit with these items in case there is an emergency during the move.

Packing liquids

All liquids should be packed in individual plastic baggies. This will keep them from ruining everything else in the storage container if they are damaged or accidentally opened. It is also a good idea to sort through those liquids and throw out any bottles that are expired or almost empty. This allows you to start fresh in your new location.

Separate linens

Towels, shower curtains, and rugs can be placed in compressible bags to make more room in boxes. Because these items are lightweight, you can put many of them in one box. However, make sure each item type is in its own compressible bag so they are easier to unpack when the time comes. Also, place a dryer sheet in each bag prior to compressing so fabrics come out smelling fresh and clean.

Label, label, label

Simply marking a box with the word “bathroom” or “toiletries” is not enough to find the item you need when you need it. You can make a packing list of each item as you pack with very little extra effort. Once packing is complete, attach the list to the outside of the box with packing tape. Take extra care if the boxes will be exposed to the elements. Clear tape over the top of the list should protect the words from being smeared by rain or snow.

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Packing your bathroom without going crazy

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